<strong>Industrial Rescue </strong><br />Department

Industrial Rescue


under control.

Industry has never

been so safe.

Preventing an accident

is possible,

avoiding one too.

Industrial environments are complex.
But not for us.

Sicurlive Group, Industrial Rescue Team. For emergencies prevention and management in complex industrial environments. The existing standard (Legislative Decree 81/08 art.18 and 43) assigns the responsibility of evacuating the ill or injured worker from every environment where the event took place to the employer. Granting the presence of operators with specific competences in industrial rescue is a duty.


Zero risk doesn’t exist.

Acknowledging it is the minimum. Knowing it is the maximum.


We prevent<br />the problem.
We prevent
the problem.

Providing and creating rescue teams within the companies through specialised courses.

Assisting the Health and Safety Managers.

We manage<br />the emergency.
We manage
the emergency.

A long-time experience in industrial rescue, in works at height and in confined and polluted spaces, needed to intervene in case of illness and/or accidental event.

We save<br />lives.
We save

Technical/medical competences to guarantee a safe recovery and first-aid manoeuvres while waiting for the personnel of the national technical/medical rescue to come.

Qualification for the use of the semi-automatic defibrillator (AED).

Primary treatment (CPR).

Proper knowledges regarding the juridical, regulatory and technical aspects in terms of health and safety on the workplace.


Managing an emergency on time can save lives.

20 min
Italian average time estimate on more than 1500 national interventions*
*average calculated in the most favourable situation of a SAF Fire Brigades team located near a company.
1 min
Average intervention time of industrial rescue team present in the company

Industrial Rescue Department Services

Maintenance stops assistance

Assistance during maintenance stops, or during normal maintenance operations, of plants in companies and construction sites (with the additional possibility of performing works at height)

Internal rescue teams training

Training of rescue teams within the companies with specialised courses such as:

  • safe maintenance of bridge cranes
  • descend an injured at height
  • defibrillator correct use
  • PPE correct use
Health and Safety Manager Assistance and Counselling

Health and Safety Manager Assistance / Counselling to: assess the risk for activities in confined and height environments, drafting of customised emergency measures, confined spaces mapping and survey

  • risk evaluation for activities in confined and height environments
  • emergency procedures with regard to environments and employed personnel
  • confined spaces mapping and surveying
PPE Installation and Training

Installation of PPE and training for their correct use

Assistance at big events

Assistance for big events (rigger during mounting/unmounting stages)

Covid-19 anti-contagion and rescue

Covid-19 anti-contagion supervision and emergency service for the company SPP (Protection and Prevention Service) facilities


Sit down and seat-belts on.

Vehicle equipped with: tripod device with recovery winch and rope hoist kit for vertical recovery

Anchoring points

Guided or retractable fall arresters

Work ropes for descents recovery at height and in confined spaces

Motorised winches supplied by batteries and by internal combustion

Multi-gas analyser

Forced ventilation systems

Fire extinguishers

Air respirator to protect the airlines (EEBD/ELSA constant air flow evacuation device)

Complete medical aid rucksacks

Automated external defibrillator

Recovery spinal immobiliser with evacuation triangle

Portable O2 cylinders

Authorized Dealer

Do you want to anticipate an emergency?