Covid-19 doesn’t joke,
we neither.


Covid-19 anticontagion and rescue

Supervision and emergency service for anticontagion safety and Covid-19 rescue.

Service for SPP (Prevention and Protection Service) company facilities
Service for SPP (Prevention and Protection Service) company facilities

Technicians specialised in health and safety on workplaces capable of supporting the SPP (Prevention and Protection Service) facilities directly at the production plants, in the supervision of specific anticontagion procedures and protocols required by the Government.

Support to the company prevention and protection service
Support to the company prevention and protection service

Monitoring and train workers to the proper use of personal protective equipment and in the enforcement of specific anticontagion procedures, integrated training and reporting.


Supporting and assisting corporate structures in case of isolation of potentially infected personnel.

Granting worker’s privacy and dignity.

In compliance with the shared protocol on regulation of the measures for contrasting and containing of the spread of Covid-19 on workplaces.


Social distancing

Concretely enforcing the correct regulation to guarantee social distancing (moments of pause and canteen shifts).

Accident / illness

Intervene with competence in case of accident / illness (also in case of suspected Covid-19) with anticontagion protocols and in complete safety.

Body temperature detecting

Monitoring body temperature detection operations before entering the company.

Service modes

Once defined the “Safety Protocol” with the Client/Company, the Sicurlive Group Team supports the personnel in charge of the management and the organisation of the activities linked to the obligations regarding health and safety.

Service duration

The service can have a variable duration, from a single day to the constant presence, and it’s developed together with the client based on the company necessities.

Who performs the service?

The Technicians of Sicurlive Group Industrial Rescue Department, with adequate knowledges and experience on the field for the juridical, regulatory and technical aspects regarding: health and safety on workplaces, training and coordination of risks prevention and protection activities.


Sicurlive Group Technicians have the qualifications:

Health and Safety Manager Qualification

Safety Coordinators in Construction Sites

Industrial rescue Specialists

Work at height specialists

Work in confined spaces or environments suspected of pollution specialists

Covid-19 doesn’t joke,
we neither.