Sicurlive Group Srl quality policy

The Quality Management System (QMS) wants to be the organising and management tool through which guaranteeing and constantly improving the client’s satisfaction, by offering adequate solutions to its needs.


UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Sicurlive Group Srl has adapted its QMS to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 reference standard edition, renewing the certification with the following object:

“Designing, manufacturing, performing of checks and tests for the verification of the manufactured products, mounting, maintenance and selling of fall arresters. Commercialisation of Personal Protective Equipment and DPC. Designing and providing of training activity regarding safety on workplaces.” 


For this reason, Sicurlive Group is committed to:

Promoting the involvement and the participation of the entire personnel;

Encouraging a continuous quality improvement by stimulating communication, monitoring the activities that have an effect on quality (non-compliance of the product, process and service, clients’ complaints, etc.) and by activating proper corrective and preventive actions;

Ensuring the respect of the cogent standard;

Adopting a strategy oriented towards the development of human resources, based on providing training, on-going professional update, on correct allocation, on skills development and on the use of informatic technologies;

Empowering, involving and motivating the entire personnel by stimulating discussions and proactive relations with periodic meetings, group works and other activities;

Optimising business processes so to reach the maximum level of efficiency and efficacy;

Relying on qualified suppliers, contractors and collaborators, who follow and believe in SICURLIVE GROUP SRL QMS principles;

Widening its range and developing new systems and products also thanks to new devices and equipment available, such as test benches, 3D printers, laser markers and an inner engineering office which allow the study of new cases and new ground-breaking solutions;

Widening its range through the organisation of training courses for the mounting of fall-arresters, safety devices, etc.

The achieving of such aims is implemented through the respect of the cogent and voluntary standard requirements which the company has endorsed.

This policy will be the constant benchmark during periodic reviews, to evaluate the results achieved and to find new ones, in compliance with the company approach aimed at a continuous improvement keeping under consideration all the interested parts involved.

Sicurlive Group Srl promotes the spreading of the policy among its personnel, its suppliers and clients. This Policy is shared to those who work for the Company and on behalf of it: apart form being published on the company website so to be available to the parts involved (public, clients, suppliers, etc.), it is distributed through the use of the company network in the email dedicated to the management of the QMS and displays a copy of it in the company bulletin board. The single managers operate so to implement and share this Policy. The General Direction entrusts the entire personnel’s maximum commitment in the pursuit of the company’s goals and in the application of what written in the Manual and in the documents linked to it. 

Passirano, Brescia - 04/09/2020